Ad-hoc Expert Meeting on Consumer Protection

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The United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection are to be reviewed in July 2013.  This was the major outcome of an UNCTAD Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Consumer Protection: The interface between competition and consumer policies, at which CI staff and members participated on 12-13 July.  A number of ideas for areas in which the Guidelines could be improved were discussed by CI's Indrani Thuraisingham and other speakers, including the additional of provisions on financial services, energy, consumer representation, and access to knowledge.

The agreed conclusions of the meeting specify that UNCTAD is to collaborate with Consumers International, as well as with other relevant bodies such as the OECD, in developing the content of potential revisions.  To this end, the next step in this process will be for CI to consult with its members on the areas that should be covered and to develop some suggested text for submission to UNCTAD.  In the case of access to knowledge, this has of course already taken place.

The complete draft set of revisions including those on access to knowledge and other areas will be submitted to the July 2013 meeting of UNCTAD's consumer policy committee, where it will be officially negotiated and -- we hope -- approved.

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Thu, 12/07/2012 - 09:00 - Fri, 13/07/2012 - 17:00
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Consumers International
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Indrani Thuraisingham, Jeremy Malcolm, Robin Simpson, Connie Lau

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