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For an extension of the European Commission’s remedy for the domination of Microsoft's Browser, Internet Explorer.

The context:

Even if some challengers have taken a significant share of the browser market (primarily Firefox), Microsoft still has a huge advantage. This advantage is due to the bundling of computers and OS.

Indeed as most computers are sold with Windows (close to 100% in France) IE is included by default. To strengthen this power Microsoft implements IE-specific code to be sure that a website optimized for its browser doesn’t work perfectly with other browsers.

Are consumers calling for action against counterfeit software?

According to a press release issued by Microsoft last week to announce its "Consumer Action Day" against counterfeit software, "consumers want action", and are relying on Microsoft to "give people a voice in the fight against software counterfeiting". Whilst we do agree that counterfeiting of any kind can endanger consumers when they believe they are purchasing original products, we have to question Microsoft's credentials to represent consumers' interests here.