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FOMCA's project to encourage PC vendors to distribute a usable free operating system

19 Explaining about free softwareThis project aimed to encourage the distribution of Ubuntu Linux instead of FreeDOS on new low-cost computers in order to provide consumers with free and open source software and thereby also reduce piracy. Many low cost computers that do not include Microsoft Windows are instead distributed with an operating system that is called FreeDOS which is free clone of the 30+ year old pre-Windows operating system, MSDOS.

Open source software in Malaysia

The Malaysian government has set an example for the Asia-Pacific region in its support for free and open source software (FOSS). In 2004 it launched a master plan for rolling out FOSS throughout the public sector. That plan is now in its second phase of "accelerated adoption", which is intended to make the use of FOSS within government more pervasive. The overall aims of the programme are: