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Software copyright in Mexico... a true story

This true story is brought to us from a small business of architects in Mexico, by our Mexican member Colectiva Ecologista Jalisco. The relevance of this story to consumers comes in the very compelling conclusion that the author reaches at the end.

Are consumers calling for action against counterfeit software?

According to a press release issued by Microsoft last week to announce its "Consumer Action Day" against counterfeit software, "consumers want action", and are relying on Microsoft to "give people a voice in the fight against software counterfeiting". Whilst we do agree that counterfeiting of any kind can endanger consumers when they believe they are purchasing original products, we have to question Microsoft's credentials to represent consumers' interests here.


This is the home of Consumers International's (CI's) global projects on Consumers in the Digital Age, covering the three areas of Access to Knowledge (A2K) for consumers, broadband communications, and consumer rights and representation in the information society.

Consumer survey on copyright access barriers

Access to Knowledge: Reports of Campaigns and Research 2008-2010The biggest barriers that consumers face in accessing copyright works are those created by copyright law. Even so, consumers around the world will choose original copyright works over pirated copies, provided that they are available at an affordable price.