Consumer Council of Fiji's role recognised by Telecommunications Authority of Fiji

The Consumer Council of Fiji is being recognized by Fiji's telecommunications regulator -  Telecommunications Authority of Fiji (TAF). The Council is now a full member of the TAF's Numbering Industry Working Group (NIWG) which is a consultative body in regards to the allocation of numbers and codes for telecommunications providers, that includes internet service providers. The Council's membership on the NIWG is advantageous for consumers in Fiji as it allows consumer interests to be recognized and taken into account when it comes to establishing rules and regulations for this particular issue.

Apart from the NIWG, the Council is also involved as a key stakeholder in policy and regulatory consultations conducted by the regulator. In December 2011 TAF completed a draft 'Consumer Code of Practice Regulation' which amongst other things prescribes matters relating to the relationship between licensees, service providers and consumers, including resolution of consumer complaints, quality of service, service level guarantees, fault response and repair time frames. The Consumer Council of Fiji has already given its comments to the draft and most of our recommendations have been taken on board as the new draft has incorporated these. The Code will hopefully come into effect very soon.

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It's great to see that the

It's great to see that the Consumer Council immediately stepped in for consumers when Connect's new (unfair) rates slots were announced. Remains to be seen how TAF will respond now after having recognized the council in the first place.

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