Consumers International IP Watch List Report 2009

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The Consumers International IP Watch List is a global survey that rates national copyright laws and enforcement practices from the perspective of how well they promote access to knowledge for consumers, by allowing them fair access to the fruits of their society's culture and science.

The IP Watch List is based on research conducted by CI members and partners worldwide, using a set of criteria developed by an external advisory group of experts. Amongst the sixteen countries studied, those whose IP policies and practices are most harmful to consumers are identified, but a range of best practices of fairness and balance in copyright law are also highlighted.

These are the overall rankings of the countries studied, from best (most consumer-friendly) to worst (most hostile to consumer interests):

  1. India
  2. South Korea
  3. China (PRC)
  4. USA
  5. Indonesia
  6. Israel
  7. Pakistan
  8. Philippines
  1. Australia
  2. Malaysia
  3. Spain
  4. Chile
  5. Brazil
  6. Argentina
  7. Thailand
  8. UK

You can download a free copy of the IP Watch List report for 2009 (also available in Spanish), and browse through the individual country reports on which the report is based. You can also contribute to the development of the 2010 IP Watch List.

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