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CI submission to 2012 USTR Special 301 Review

The past twelve months have seen growing global discontent over the priority shown in US foreign policy to the interests of intellectual property holders, over broader public interests in access to knowledge, access to medicines, and communications rights.

This discontent has been fueled by the justifiable perception that the voice of ordinary consumers is often trivialised and dismissed by US policymakers.  Consumers feel that their legitimate concerns will never be given any weight against the submissions of the well-funded IP-holder lobby groups.

Africa IP Summit: Lacking a Development Dimension

Mr. Francis Gurry
Director General
World Intellectual Property Organization

Dear Mr. Gurry,

Wikipedia (English) protest blackout


To: English Wikipedia Readers and Community
From: Sue Gardner, Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director
Date: January 16, 2011

Consumer Council of Fiji's role recognised by Telecommunications Authority of Fiji

The Consumer Council of Fiji is being recognized by Fiji's telecommunications regulator -  Telecommunications Authority of Fiji (TAF). The Council is now a full member of the TAF's Numbering Industry Working Group (NIWG) which is a consultative body in regards to the allocation of numbers and codes for telecommunications providers, that includes internet service providers.

New global research programme to support UN Guidelines amendments

Consumers International is pleased to announce a new programme of research to support the amendments that we have developed to update the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection for the digital age and to promote access to knowledge. This research, funded by a grant from IDRC, will establish a sound evidence base to help support advocacy for the adoption of the amendments, whilst also increasing the capacity of the global consumer movement, particularly in the global South, to engage in research-based advocacy to support policy changes at an international level.

Freedom of Expression and Intellectual Property Rights

A group of experts met in London on 18 November to provide feedback on a background paper, "Balancing Freedom of Expression and Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Age" prepared by freedom of expression NGO, Article 19. The group discussed a range of concerns, including blocking and filtering of content, and the rise of criminal liability of individual

Consumers International at the sixth Internet Governance Forum

Consumers International will be represented at a multitude of meetings and workshops at this year's Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi later this month. Check out the list below, and please mark your diary to attend either in person, or remotely using the remote participation facilities available at the IGF's official and community websites.

Final version of A2K revisions to UN Guidelines settled after public comments

8 UN Guidelines for Consumer ProtectionFollowing a three month open public comment period, which in turn followed on from almost five months of drafting by a member working group, Consumers International has finalised the text of its proposed revisions to the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection, covering access to knowledge issues.

Consumer-ownable Downloads

The following is page 1 of a 7-page paper entitled, "Toward Consumer-ownable Digital Personal Property".

To see the full article, follow this link:


Mapping Internet Governance

The workshop on mapping Internet governance has emerged from preparatory discussions for the 2011 IGF in Nairobi, where it became clear that there is a significant need for a “Map of Internet Gov