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LKY campaigns to expose telecommunications abuses in Indonesia The Indonesian Cellular Telecommunications

The Indonesian Cellular Telecommunications Association reported that the mobile subscribers in Indonesia already reached 250 million in 2011. This number exceeds the 240-million Indonesian population in 2013. Unfortunately, the quality of mobile services available in the market did not match the need of the consumers. Due to technological and knowledge gap, a number of consumer rights violations increase over the years. 

WCRD 2014: Fiji's largest mobile provider acknowledges problems

WCRD heat is on in Fiji. Vodafone Fiji's CEO Aslam Khan has agreed with the Consumer Council of Fiji that there are issues and problems in the mobile phone sector. Consumer Council's Facebook page has seen heavy traffic in the past several weeks with consumers raising issues and even lodging complaints on various mobile services and products.





WCRD 2014 (Fiji): Proposed Consumer Code of Practice regulations suddenly reappears

The Telecommunications Authority of Fiji (TAF) has suddently resurrected the consultation process towards the establishment of what it calls a Consumer Code of Practice Regulations "to define consumers codes of practice that would apply to all telecommunications service providers in Fiji." According to TAF's circular paper on the consultation, the code "sets the benchmark and standard of consumer protection."

WCRD 2014: CI Member helping to protect consumers from Mali mobile rip offs


Coulibaly Salimata Diarra explains how CI Member, Mali-based ASCOMA, is combatting top-up card mobile phone promotions which leave consumers short changed.   

WCRD 2014: Mobile complaints surging in Singapore

79  81 80 Amy Ang,  Deputy Head (Legal) of Consumers Association of Singapore, reports on the growing numbers of complaints among mobile consumers as we approach the phone rights themed World Consumer Rights Day 2014.  

Lawmakers call for the release of the TPP text to enable public scrutiny and debate


78 TPP video screenshotPoliticians from nine countries around the pacific rim have signed a joint statement published today by the global NGO’s Oxfam and Article 19, the statement calls for the release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before it is signed, to allow for scrutiny and public debate.

WCRD 2014: The unfair practice of mobile phone locking

76 In our latest WCRD 2014 blog, Conchy Martin Rey, Director for International Relations of Spanish CI Member CECU, explains why mobile phone locking is unfair. 

WCRD 2014: How consumers are tricked into joining high cost 'text clubs'



As we head toward World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, Boštjan Okorn, head of testing and technology expert at Slovene Consumers' Association (ZPS – Zveza Potrošnikov Slovenije), explains how consumers in his country are being  tricked by mobile companies. 

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Is free Internet data worth the cost?

Earlier this month, US phone and Internet giant AT&T announced its new Sponsored Data service, that would allow mobile customers to access certain sponsored websites or services, free of data charges – because the charges would be borne by the sponsor companies instead.

Time for open standards for online payments?

61 Bitcoin safe by btckeychainThe online ecosystem has fostered enormous technological innovation, yet for the most part the payment systems that we rely upon to send money around the world are a curious anachronism. For e-commerce transactions, most consumers and many merchants are well enough served by the 1970s-era Visa and Mastercard networks. But for person-to-person transfers, the options are fewer and more costly.