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Lawmakers call for the release of the TPP text to enable public scrutiny and debate


78 TPP video screenshotPoliticians from nine countries around the pacific rim have signed a joint statement published today by the global NGO’s Oxfam and Article 19, the statement calls for the release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before it is signed, to allow for scrutiny and public debate.

Public Statement: Chile must make transparent the TPP negotiations


English translation of a public statement published in the December 8, 2013 edition of El Mercurio newspaper. The statement was signed by 34 representatives and 15 senators, calling on the government  to halt and make transparent the TPP negotiations.

Consumers in the Digital Age 2014

64 Consumers in the Digital Age 2014

Digital technologies create new opportunities for consumers, but also make upholding their rights more challenging. Digital products and services often come with usage restrictions about which consumers are not well informed. Online transactions often cross borders, making it difficult to resolve complaints, or even to know what consumer laws and policies apply. How can consumers in the digital age be assured that their rights will be upheld?

Coalition demands a Fair Deal on copyright in the TPP


60 Fair Deal Coalition logoTo the government representatives behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP):

Text from the TPP Intellectual Property Rights chapter recently released by Wikileaks confirms the Fair Deal Coalition’s fears that the TPP would indeed limit the open Internet, access to knowledge, economic opportunity and fundamental rights, if a number of proposed copyright provisions were agreed to.

To ensure A Fair Deal for all countries and stakeholders, we ask that:

Consumers were right to be worried, but can the TPP be redeemed?


59 TPP video screenshotThis week's leak of a recent version of the intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) has sparked much outrage over the maximalist copyright and patent policies that the United States government, in particular, is seeking to impose on countries around the world.

CI launches two new music videos about the TPP


54 TPP video screenshotThe secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement could overturn rules on topics as diverse as intellectual property, food labelling and financial services regulation in twelve countries of the Pacific Rim. From today senior officials from those countries are meeting at the APEC meeting in Bali, where they hope to advance the negotiations towards closure this year.

Questions Remain - Civil Society Media Release from TPP negotiation round, Brunei Darassalam


48 TPP demonstration in AucklandThe Civil Society stakeholders for the Brunei round of TPP negotiations are very disappointed that no formal report from the Chief Negotiators was presented, nor the opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions in a forum where all could hear the answers.

Peruvian consumer group voices concern over the Trans-Pacific Partnership


40 Crisólogo CáceresThe consumer movement in Peru has voiced concern that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement could threaten the rights of the most vulnerable members of society.

The proposed agreement, which is undergoing a 17th round of negotiations  in Lima until 24 May, would require signatory countries to forego a range of consumer protection measures, according to spokesman Crisólogo Cáceres from Peruvian consumer group ASPEC.

Tratado Trans Pacífico (TPP) - ASPEC fija la posición de los consumidores


37 TPP press conferenceLa Asociación Peruana de Consumidores y Usuarios (ASPEC) participó en la conferencia de prensa en la que diversas organizaciones de la sociedad civil de los más variados sectores –laborales, comunicadores, consumidores, medioambientales, etc- nacionales y extranjeras, expresaron sus objeciones en relación al acuerdo comercial que se viene negociando denominado Tratado Trans Pacífico (TPP por sus siglas en inglés) cuya XVII Ronda de Negociación se ha iniciado en Lima y se extenderá hasta el 24 de mayo.

TPP: Coalición global pide trato justo


36 Fair Deal Coalition logoUna coalición de organizaciones que representa una diversidad de intereses en todo el mundo se unió hoy para pedir un trato justo de la propiedad intelectual (PI) en el Acuerdo de la Asociación Trans-Pacífico (TPP).

El TPP es un acuerdo comercial que se está negociando entre Australia, Brunei, Canadá, Chile, Japón, Perú, Malasia, México, Nueva Zelanda, Singapur, Vietnam y Estados Unidos.