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CI submission to 2012 USTR Special 301 Review

The past twelve months have seen growing global discontent over the priority shown in US foreign policy to the interests of intellectual property holders, over broader public interests in access to knowledge, access to medicines, and communications rights.

This discontent has been fueled by the justifiable perception that the voice of ordinary consumers is often trivialised and dismissed by US policymakers.  Consumers feel that their legitimate concerns will never be given any weight against the submissions of the well-funded IP-holder lobby groups.

2010 Special 301 Report still missing the mark

The United States Trade Representative has just released its 2010 Special 301 Report, which is an annual report card for how strongly other countries enforce the intellectual property rights of United States rights holders - rather like the converse of our IP Watchlist, which was released last week and focuses on how well a country's copyright laws advance the interests of consumers.

Impact of copyright on access to education in the Philippines

3D Trade-Human Rights-Equitable Economy, a Geneva-based NGO, and IBON Foundation submitted a paper entitled The Philippines: Impact of copyright rules on access to education to the Pre-Sessional Working Group of the Committee on the Rights of the Child last June 2009.

Consumers International response to 2009 USTR 301 Report

Consumers International's inaugural IP Watch List, released this week, revealed that there are a number of less developed countries providing an example for the rest of the world of how to balance copyright owners' interests with consumers' access to knowledge.  But judging from the latest United States' Special 301 Report, also just released, this is an insight that US policy makers still lack.

Global copyright watch list reveals US hypocrisy and how out-of-date legislation is damaging consumer interests


Consumers International (CI) today released the results of its inaugural Intellectual Property (IP) Watch List: a global snapshot of how national IP and copyright laws serve or subvert consumer interests.

Launch of IP Watch List

The launch of the IP Watch List is to be held in conjunction with the upcoming Unlocking IP conference held by the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre of UNSW. However you don't need to register to attend the conference in order to attend just the launch, so long as you RSVP to let the organisers know you are coming by emailing Sophia Christou.

The address is:

Law Faculty
University of New South Wales Kensington Campus
Sydney NSW

Event Date and Time: 
16/04/2009 - 09:00 - 10:00

Summary report 2009

The summary report of the 2009 IP Watch List may be downloaded in PDF format in English or Spanish below.