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En Australia CHOICE aboga por Uso Justo en nueva Ley de Derechos de Autor El actual régimen de derechos de autor de Australia ha llevado a una situación donde uno de cada siete consumidores está activamente violando la ley sin siquiera saberlo, dice un nuevo estudio de la organización de consumidores CHOICE. CHOICE está abogando por la aplicación de una cláusula de "Uso Justo" (Fair Use) en la compra y en la distribución de contenidos digitales. La idea fue planteada durante una revisión realizada por la Comisión de Reforma de Ley Australiana de Derechos de Autor. Lee el artículo completo aquí:   Marcela OrtizComunicaciones /  Spanish Web EditorConsumers International |  la voz global de campaña por los derechos de los consumidores@CIESPANOL | Facebook: | nuestro aviso de confidencialidad del correo electrónico. No imprima este correo si no es necesario.  De: [] En nombre de SatyaEnviado el: lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013 22:41Para: digitalconsumers@lists.consumersinternational.orgAsunto: [DigiCons] Australian Consumers are breaking copyright laws out of ignorance: study Australian Consumers are breaking copyright laws out of ignorance: studyAustralia’s current copyright regime has led to a situation where one in seven consumers are actively breaking the law without even knowing it.The finding comes as part of a new study from consumer watchdog, CHOICE.The group found that around 8 per cent of Australians happily shift music from one device – like an iPod – to another – an iPad – without realising that their action is illegal under the current copyright regime.“It’s also illegal to copy a video file, say from a DVD, onto another device like a tablet, but that has not stopped 9 per cent of Australians who say they have done it,” , CHOICE director of campaigns and communications Matt Levey said.“Hardly surprising, given that 57 per cent of Australians told us they believe this action is legal.”Mr Levey says Australia’s copyright laws are stuck in the VHS cassette era, and require a revamp in order to catch to new and emerging digital distribution methods.The group is advocating the implementation of a “Fair Use” clause with the purchase and distribution of digital content. The idea was raised during the Australian Law Reform Commission review into Australia’s copyright laws.“Fair Use will allow consumers greater use of content they legally own, while at the same time protecting content producers and artists,” Mr Levey said.“America has a Fair Use system, and is one of the largest producers of copyrighted content in the world.”“Allegations that Fair Use will encourage piracy are ludicrous, and exhibit a fundamental misunderstanding of how a Fair Use system will work.”Source: SatyaRegional Project OfficerConsumers InternationalOffice of the Asia-Pacific and the Middle EastLot 5-1 Wisma WIM, 7 Jalan Abang Haji Openg, TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: +60 3 7726 1599 Explore our new Resource Zone  - the global consumer movement knowledge hub | @Consumers_Int | | Read our email confidentiality notice. Don't print this email unless necessary.