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Mapping Internet Governance

The workshop on mapping Internet governance has emerged from preparatory discussions for the 2011 IGF in Nairobi, where it became clear that there is a significant need for a “Map of Internet Gov

Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest

Seeking to ensure that public policy initiatives concerning intellectual property serve the public interest, more than 170 scholars, policymakers, and policy advocates from approximately 35 countries traveled to American University Washington College of Law (WCL) for the first Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, August 25-27, 2011.

Campaign for removal of customs duty on imported newsprint in Zambia

Zambia Consumer Association campaigns to assert and defend the rights of consumers in zambia thus increase consumer influance on the market. The association generates opinion and coordinates campaigns to ensure that consumer rights find express in consumer policy.  

Access to knowledge for community development in public libraries

The workshEIFL logoop entitled  "Do policymakers understand the role of libraries in mobilising the internet as a catalyst for development, innovation and freedom?" will take place on 28 September 2011, 11am, at the IGF,  in Nairobi

Campaign to promote Open Source Software to consumers

This year FOMCA would like to participate in the National Campaign on A2K Policies by promoting open source software to consumers. This project aims to encourage the distribution of Ubuntu Linux instead of FreeDOS on new low-cost computers in order to provide consumers with more useful free software and thereby also reduce piracy. Many low cost computers that do not include Microsoft Windows, are instead distributed with an operating system that is called FreeDOS which is free clone of the 30+ year old pre-Windows operating system, MSDOS. 

Broadband for achieving the Millennium Development Goals

New Books at AUA Papazian Library

Click to viewQuite recently AUA Papazian Library enriched its collection by these valuable books:

Public comment draft of A2K amendments for UN Guidelines

6 A new international instrument on Access to Knowledge (A2K) could be in the wings, with the first public release of a draft set of proposed amendments to the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection.  These forward-looking A2K provisions are the culmination of months of online and face-to-face collaboration by Consumers International members from around the world.

The draft A2K amendments are now officially open for broader public comment at

Consumers chart a course for the UN Guidelines

5 Panel of the UN Guidelines fringe meetingNew innovative proposals to promote consumers' interests in Access to Knowledge (A2K) have emerged from a global meeting of consumers to consider amendments for the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection.

Appel aux membres pour de nouvelles campagnes menées sur le thème des bandes larges

3 Holding Broadband Service Providers to AccountL’accès internet est devenu fondamental dans la vie actuelle des consommateurs, et ne va qu’accroitre en importance dans les pays développés, de même que les pays en voie de développement.