Access to Knowledge: A Guide for Everyone

Access to Knowledge: A Guide for EveryoneAccess to Knowledge (A2K) is the umbrella term for a movement that aims to create more equitable public access to the products of human culture and learning. The ultimate objective of the movement is to create a world in which educational and cultural works are accessible to all, and in which consumers and creators alike participate in a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and creativity.

These goals are of interest to a broad coalition of consumer groups, NGOs, activists, Internet users and others. However for many of them, coming to grips with the issues involved in the A2K movement can be daunting. These issues, including copyright and patent law reform, open content licensing, and communications rights, often involve legal and technological concepts that even specialists find difficult.

The purpose of this book is to provide an accessible introduction to the A2K movement and the institutions, concepts and issues involved in it, for those who would like to become involved but don't know where to start. In a truly collaborative exercise, information from various freely-licensed sources has been combined with text especially written for this book, and the whole has been made available for you to freely copy, share and modify.

Download now in English, Español, Français. CI members can also request printed copies.

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‘Access to knowledge’, according to me is a well-defined consolidation of facts and it literally grooms you to be a better personality in the society. The book has some complex theories yet can be understood by the very common person too. Anyway, thanks for putting this up here. Keep posting.

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