"I Want it Now" report, and upcoming meetings update

Last week the library of the European Parliament hosted held an
event "I Want it Now! Creators Addressing Consumers Needs in the
Digital Age", organised by CI in conjunction with BEUC and Copyright
for Creativity, and with the patronage of MEP Mariette Schaake.

The outcome of the successful event was a rough consensus between
creators and consumers to work on a joint understanding of the right
of quotation under European law, which could expand the range of
fair uses of digital works that are available to European
consumers.  A report of the meeting is found on our website at
http://A2Knetwork.org/i-want-it-now and this will soon be joined by
a blog report on our main CI website.

Some other important events are coming up too, and as usual, some
travel support may be available through CI's programme "Consumer
representation in the information society" for members who are
interested in attending and plan to actively contribute (see
http://A2Knetwork.org/meetings for more details of that programme). 
Here are a few of these upcoming events:

  • The organizations of the Latin American and Caribbean Council
    of Consumer Organizations (OCLAC) will meet between 14 and 15
    June in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to discuss the issue
    of "New technologies and social participation".  For more
    information, see
  • The 13th round of negotiations of the Trans-Pacific
    Partnership is taking place in San Diego, California from 2-20
    July 2012, with 3 July set aside for stakeholder engagement.  In
    a reversal of a decision that was made for the last negotiating
    round, NGO stakeholders will be permitted to give presentations
    to delegates.  For more information see http://www.ustr.gov/tpp.
  • The 24th session of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright
    and Related Rights will be held in Geneva from 16 to 25 July
    2012, where ongoing consideration will be given to the pending
    international instruments on copyright limitations and
    exceptions for the blind, and those for libraries.  For more
    information see

Please contact me if you would like to participate in these or any
other upcoming meetings that are relevant to consumers in the
digital age, and can explain the nature of the contribution that you
would intend to make.  A measure of capacity building assistance
from CI will be provided, in addition to travel funding for those
who are successful.

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