Members needed for new CI campaign on broadband

3 Holding Broadband Service Providers to AccountInternet access has become fundamental to the lives of today's consumers, and will only continue to become more important in developed and developing countries alike. Recognising this, CI is very pleased to announce a new two-year campaign titled “Holding Broadband Service Providers to Account”, which aims to empower consumer organisations around the world to demand more equitable and accessible broadband service offerings, respecting consumers' rights and broader human rights, as a necessary condition of achieving a socially-inclusive information society.

With support from CI, participating members from around 20 countries will conduct primary and secondary research on a range of consumer protection and broader human rights issues around broadband – including misleading advertising, complaints, privacy, filtering, network neutrality and more. They will then participate in a global roundtable meeting to discuss and validate the results, followed by the release of a campaigning manual targeting the identified problem areas, which will be piloted by member campaigns in 8 selected countries. Alongside this will be a global awareness-raising campaign incorporating both printed materials and online social media.

Attached is an information pack and expression of interest form. If you are interested in fighting to protect the rights of consumers on broadband Internet networks, then please join us in this campaign by completing and returning the attached form to CI's Project Coordinator for IP and Communications, Jeremy Malcolm, by 31 May 2011. Those whose expressions of interest are accepted will be eligible for funding from CI to support their participation.

In parallel to this project on broadband, CI is also commencing a broader campaign on “Consumer Representation in the Information Society”, to resource our members to fill gaps in representation for consumers within UN and other multilateral bodies that deal with Internet, communications and access to knowledge issues. Those participating in either the broadband or A2K campaigns will also receive more information about this overarching campaign soon. Otherwise, you can email Jeremy Malcolm as above to be kept informed.

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