Printed broadband posters now available

Broadband disclosure statement posterAccompanying this month's release of CI's book Holding Broadband Service Providers to Account: A Consumer Advocacy Manual were downloadable and editable designs for posters. Two of these poster designs are now also available in A3 printed form from CI's Regional Office for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are ever visiting Kuala Lumpur, feel free to drop into our office to pick up a handful of these colourful posters. They will also be available at the global and regional meetings that we hold from time to time, and we can also post copies out to members on request, though we might ask you to cover the cost of postage depending on how many copies you require.

Don't Lock Me In posterYou are also at liberty to download the source files for these posters in Adobe Illustrator format so that you can add your own logo, QR code and contact details to the bottom, directing users to your own local broadband campaign website. You can easily create your own print-ready PDF file, complete with bleed.

Soon we will also be providing files for postcards to promote the broadband disclosure statement and "Don't Lock Me In!" that you can download and print, so keep watching for these too! Although those files will only be distributed in English, the translated text will be the same as for the posters, so you can easily download the source files to produce your own localised versions in French or Spanish, or - if you provide your own translations - any other language.

What else would you like to see for promotional materials - stickers, buttons, something else? Let us know, and if you have your own designs that you would like to contribute back to the pool, please send them to us and we'll add them here.

Direct links to the poster files are:

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