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Two types of cookies are set on this site:

  • Cookies that are built-in to the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) that powers the site. These are needed for proper operation of the site, such as tracking whether you are logged in, which in turn determines what rights you have on the site - for example, the right to edit pages.
  • We also set cookies for use with Google Analytics, which is a product we use to track aggregate page views and related statistics. This tells us what parts of our site are most popular, and where the visitors are coming from. Google Analytics cookies are not linked with any account you may have created on this site.

Other than for use with Google Analytics, we do not share any of the information that we collect with third parties.

Accounts and security

You can (but don't have to) create an account on this site, which gives you the ability to contribute and comment on content.

  • When you register on this website, you are required to provide your name and email address. You have the choice to provide additional personal information including an organisation and a home page address.
  • All of your registration details other than your email address are available to other members who are logged into the website.
  • You may view and change your personal information at any time by logging into the website then clicking "My account" near the top left corner.
  • Your login credentials are not sent over an encrypted Internet connection. For this reason you should not choose the same password that you would use for important Internet accounts such as email or online banking.
  • Your password is stored on disk in encrypted form.

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