Working groups


The project's governance structure incorporates three bodies: a Steering Committee, an Advisory Group of experts, and a Member Working Group, overseen and coordinated by the project secretariat:

  • The Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of the project, including agreeing on an appropriate strategy and putting into place work plans to deliver the strategy and monitor the work of the working group and project secretariat.

  • The Advisory Group acts as a resource to the Steering Committee, the Member Working Group and the secretariat. They will assist in providing guidance on priority areas, specific policy issues, and technical material.

  • The Member Working Group on IP operates as the key contact points for the project and, supported by the Management Committee, Advisory Group and the secretariat, will take the lead in liaising with their national governments and stakeholders, researching local IP regimes, and promoting and disseminating the project outputs. It will serve as the consumer movement’s information and capacity exchange mechanism, as well as the policy definition forum for global IP issues from a consumer perspective and will work in close coordination with the CI project Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) IP Working Group.

  • The project secretariat includes the Project Coordinator, Jeremy Malcolm, who has expertise in IP and communications policy issues and who is responsible for managing the various structures, facilitating communication, and providing overall support, under the supervision of Indrani Thuraisingham, the head of CI’s Kuala Lumpur office.

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