This is the home of Consumers International's (CI's) global projects on Consumers in the Digital Age, covering the three areas of Access to Knowledge (A2K) for consumers, broadband communications, and consumer rights and representation in the information society.


This Web site was launched in 2009 as part of the Global Consumer Dialog and Public Education Network on Access to Knowledge (A2K) Issues, originally funded by Ford Foundation. Through regional meetings and online dialogue, the Global Consumer Dialogue identifies problems consumers face in accessing and using copyright protected materials, highlighting access barriers that require further investigation, identifying the legitimate needs of artists and content creators, and reframing enforcement debates to advance member groups’ economic, political, and cultural interests.

Since 2011, the site also hosts CI's activities on broadband communications, and consumer rights and representation in the information society. Our funders are the Open Society Institute (OSI), Ford Foundation, and IDRC: for details on who funds what, follow the links under our activities.


The consumer in today's digital world depends on communications networks such as the Internet, and to the ability to access and share knowledge across those networks.  The consumer movement has an important role in ensuring that such networks and the works exchanged across them are accessible, affordable, reliable and safe.

CI's work on broadband and access to knowledge are designed to further these goals, through global campaigning for fairer laws and practices, holding industry players to account for their treatment of consumers, and capacity building for our members to empower them as activists for consumer rights online.

To learn more, read about our activities and our working groups. You can also download the brochure, Consumers in the Digital Age.


Some pages of this Web site have been translated into French and/or Spanish, but in general, due to our limited resources to support translation, these are likely to be out of date. The English version of any page is always the authoritative version. If you would like to help translate pages of this site, it's easy to do! Just create an account and log in, then click Translate at the top of any page.

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