Broadband disclosure statement

Internet speeds are commonly misadvertised, with “up to” speeds being claimed that do not represent anything like the actual average speeds that users can expect to experience in practice. Consumers are also confused by download caps, fair usage policies and other terms and conditions that are disclosed only in the “small print” of their agreements with their ISPs, if at all.

Even if a particular ISP provides all of this information in a fair and understandable manner, the consumer who is shopping around for a new broadband connection will need to be able to compare it with what other ISPs offer - but is $30 per month for an 8Gb ADSL plan with a 20Gb cap better or worse than 30c per day for a 3G3G plan with a 50Mb cap? The consumer is likely to have no idea.

The answer? A standard Broadband Disclosure Statement. This sets out the most important variables in a standardised, easily understood and comparable form, including speed, reliability, service limits and conditions, pricing and other information such as privacy policy. Take a look at:

  • A sample Broadband Disclosure Statement in PNG, HTML or Adobe Illustrator formats, completed for a fictional ISP called iStall.
  • An expanded version which adds a "jitter" measurement, and more detail of the conditions that apply to bundling, and privacy: also available in PNG, HTML or Adobe Illustrator formats.

What can you do to get your ISP to adopt the Broadband Disclosure Statement?

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