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Consumers and counterfeits

49 Jeremy MalcolmTough IP laws, such as those that the United States is seeking to introduce through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), are often justified as necessary to fight counterfeiting and piracy. On the face of it, this seems like a fair call. Consumers should be entitled to assume that the products they purchase are authorised, original versions. As such, consumers are often the victims of counterfeiting just as much as the owners of the original trademarked products are.

Altroconsumo, Italy : Advocating for a law against digital piracy which doesn’t write off the consumer voice

The Italian consumer organisation Altroconsumo has joined forces with other consumer NGOs, Internet providers, Google Italy and Microsoft to write an open letter to Mauro Masi, Coordinator of the Technical Committee Against Digital and Multimedia Piracy. Altroconsumo is also urging its subscribers and readers to sign this open letter calling on the Italian government to adopt an inclusive approach to its reflection on digital piracy.