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New e-book accessibility standard proposed

A new project called the Document Accessibility Profile (DAP) aims to make accessibility information for ebooks as easy use as Nutrition Facts labels on food packaging. When launched next year, publishers will create DAP labels so students with disabilities and others can determine if an ebook/etextbook will be accessible to them before they buy it. Go to http://stepp.gatech.edu/dap.php.

Consumer-ownable Downloads

The following is page 1 of a 7-page paper entitled, "Toward Consumer-ownable Digital Personal Property".

To see the full article, follow this link:



How does Access to Knowledge fit with consumer protection?

Consumer groups from around the Asia-Pacific region are currently meeting in Chiang Rai, Thailand for a conference on The Next Wave of ASEAN Consumer Protection in Telecommunications, at which I presented today on the relationship between consumer protection and Access to Knowledge (A2K). As promised to conference delegates, I am posting the slides from that presentation below, in two open formats.


This is the home of Consumers International's (CI's) global projects on Consumers in the Digital Age, covering the three areas of Access to Knowledge (A2K) for consumers, broadband communications, and consumer rights and representation in the information society.