Consumer Representation in the Information Society


Consumers International's vision for this project is to open new doors for the consumer movement within a range of global and regional institutions of governance in the information society. We aim to present policy-makers with a cogent and coordinated consumer voice in these institutions, covering issues such as access to broadband, network neutrality, internet governance, access to information, online privacy and freedom of expression, with a particular focus on issues of concern to consumers in the global South.


The Consumers International network will pursue the goals of this project through the following approaches:

  1. Research providing a gap analysis of opportunities for consumer representation within relevant governance institutions for the information society. (complete)
  2. Coordination and capacity building to empower the consumer movement to better utilise available resources in exploiting these opportunities. (ongoing)
  3. Engagement with institutions and processes - currently the ITU and the Trans-Pacific Partnership - that do not offer adequate opportunities for consumer representation, with the objective of improving their democratic legitimacy. (ongoing)
  4. Recording and reporting on the results of the project and lessons learned. (planned)

How to get involved

  1. Read the background papers that we have prepared as part of this project:
  2. Utilise our meetings page to keep up to date with meetings of international institutions that affect consumers in the digital age - and add new meetings that you know about.  You may also qualify for support to attend such meetings. A screencast is available to help you.
  3. Help to update the Internet governance map being developed by a multi-stakeholder working group, sponsored by CI, working at This was part of the first stage in the above methodology above, but the work continues. Visit that site for more information.
  4. Read about our specific campaigning work with the ITU and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and express your interest to join with us.
  5. Join our Digital Consumers list where more information will be posted.

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