Consumers International IP Watchlist Report 2010

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Copyright laws and enforcement practices around the world are changing rapidly.  But most often, the changes are for the benefit of rights holders only, disregarding consumers' interests in fair and affordable access to educational and cultural materials.  To help map global trends in this area, Consumers International surveyed 34 countries for its 2010 IP Watchlist.

None of the countries surveyed scored the top mark, for affording their consumers fair treatment in copyright law overall.  Particular concerns included enforcement practices that infringe upon consumer rights, and compulsory copying levies that offer poor value for money.  However, our report also reveals some best practices that could turn the situation around for consumers, if only they were more widely implemented.

These are the overall rankings of the countries studied, from best (most consumer-friendly) to worst (most hostile to consumer interests):

  1. India
  2. Lebanon
  3. Israel
  4. United States
  5. Indonesia
  6. South Africa
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Morocco
  9. Sweden
  10. Pakistan
  11. China (PRC)
  12. Spain
  13. Malaysia
  14. New Zealand
  15. Australia
  16. Nigeria
  17. Mexico
  1. Canada
  2. Philippines
  3. Vietnam
  4. Fiji
  5. Cameroon
  6. South Korea
  7. Ukraine
  8. Japan
  9. Egypt
  10. Zambia
  11. Brazil
  12. Argentina
  13. Thailand
  14. Kenya
  15. United Kingdom
  16. Jordan
  17. Chile

You can now download a free copy of the IP Watchlist report for 2010, and browse through the individual country reports on which the report is based. You can also review the previous 2009 edition (also available in Spanish), and help to help to develop the 2011 edition.

CI members can also request full-colour printed copies of the Watchlist.

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