ISO/IEC project on standardization of service level agreements

CI has recently been alerted to a relevant new ISO/IEC project on standardization of service level agreements in the context of cloud computing.  Although we are still determining whether or not we will have the resources to participate in any way, I am providing some details in case there are members who have the interest and expertise to do so without requiring funding support.The project is about standardization of service level agreements, including in regard to aspects such as Privacy, Data Protection Handling, Classification and Use, Data Control, Personally Identifiable Information, Data Portability and Reversibility, Data Deletion, Data Location, and Law enforcement Access (these taken from headings in the proposal). It seems that the US national body contribution will form the initial working draft of the standard under discussion.If it becomes influential it could find its way into the standard contracts between cloud service providers and consumers.  If you have been involved in standardisation before and have some expertise in this area, please let me know and I can provide more details of this project.
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