Mentoring for those wishing to attend meetings on "Consumers in the digital age"

I would like to encourage all CI members once again to make use of
the new meetings
section of our website to keep track of upcoming meetings on issues
related to consumers in the digital age.  Those who have the
interest and capacity to advance the interests of the consumer
movement at a particular meeting are encouraged to apply to apply
for CI support to attend.

For the remainder of this year, there are a dozen such international
meetings listed on our site already.  The presentation and screencast
given at our meeting "Consumers in the information society" last
month explained how you could register your interest in attending,
or add new meetings that are missing from the site - such as FTA
negotiations, copyright consultations, etc.

The support that CI offers includes mentoring to assist you to come
to grips with the issues that will be discussed, the stakeholders
involved, and the positions that the consumer movement supports. 
This mentoring will be provided by means of written briefing
materials and a teleconference, depending on your particular needs. 
In this way, even smaller CI members can participate.

One of our members (MGP of India) has already made use of this
facility, representing CI at a meeting of UNCTAD in March.  MGP's
report of that meeting will be highlighted on the front page of our
website soon.  If you would like to be next, please take a look at
the meetings on offer (or you may know of meetings that are not
there), and review the screencast
for the next steps.

Here are a sampling of the meetings coming up just in the next
couple of months:

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership intersessional meeting on IPR, 9-13
    April.  This is just one of the continuing opportunities to meet
    with policy-makers and represent the public interest on the
    margins of the closed negotiations of the Trans-Pacific
    Partnership Agreement.
  • APEC Intellectual Property Experts Group in Kazan, Russia,
    24-25 May.  Currently I am pencilled in to attend, but a member
    might be able to take my place. The group would be discussing IP
    enforcement initiatives, and the need for APEC to open up to
    consumer representatives.
  • WSIS Forum and CSTD meeting, Geneva, 14-25 May.  Whilst not
    all of this is interesting to the consumer movement, there will
    be the opportunity to advocate for a process of "enhanced
    cooperation" in Internet policy development that includes civil
    society as a direct stakeholder.

Please don't reply directly to this message to express your
interest, but instead, go to the meetings page, read more
about the meetings there (including the links to the official
websites), and add your proposal to attend.  If you have any
questions about that process though, please let me know.

Jeremy Malcolm
Senior Policy and Project Officer
Kuala Lumpur Office for
Asia-Pacific and the Middle East
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Lumpur, Malaysia
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