Consumer rights and representation in the information society

Consumers International is committed to upholding the rights of consumers in the information society, and ensuring that their interests are well represented on communications and access to knowledge issues.

Current campaigns and publications

Our current activities in this area are:

  • Work in the OECD's Consumer Policy Committee currently on digital content products and online and mobile payments, and at the OECD Civil Society Information Society Advisory Committee on various other issues affecting digital consumers.
  • Seeking the revision of the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection, to update them for the digital age. With previous funding from the Open Society Institute (OSI) and IDRC, we developed proposed amendments to the Guidelines in consultation with our members and A2K scholars and activists, and are now advocating for these to be adopted by governments at UNCTAD.
  • In May 2011 CI also commenced a broader campaign on Consumer Representation in the Information Society, to resource our members to fill gaps in representation for consumers at meetings of UN and other multilateral bodies that deal with Internet, communications and access to knowledge issues, such as the ITU and TPP.
  • A spin-off from this was the formation of Best Bits, a civil society network on Internet governance and Internet rights. Consumers International is represented on the steering committee of this network.

Previous activities

  • Decision Making in the Global Market: Trade, Standards and the Consumer (2005) sets out to assess the governance and decision-making processes of the WTO and international standard setting bodies. It considers the consumer experience - particularly those in poorer countries - of under representation in international trade institutions, and suggests what can be done to increase the consumer's voice in international decision-making.
  • An ad-hoc global campaign against the lack of transparency in the negotiations around a new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement came together through the grassroots initiatives of our members during 2010.

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