Welcoming Farooq Ahmed Jam to CI

18 Farooq AhmedCI is pleased to announce that Farooq Ahmed Jam will be working in our “Consumers in the Digital Age” programme for 10 weeks from August to November 2012, under secondment from FOMCA where he has been placed as a Google Policy Fellow.

Farooq first qualified in electronic engineering, which sparked what has become an ongoing interest and deep understanding of information and communication technologies such as the Internet. His next field of study was in business, where he completed an MBA, a Masters in Science (MS) in Management by Research, and currently a PhD in Innovation Management at the University of Malaya.

Farooq's doctorate deals with “Developing an Innovation Capability Framework for Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” which aims to help policy makers in devising policies to boost the process of transformation of the Malaysian economy into a knowledge based economy. After completion of his PhD, Farooq plans to build his career as a consultant and social worker, so this position will provide him with an excellent opportunity to learn and enhance his knowledge and experience of working with civil society organisations.

Farooq sees a close connection between this research and the work that he will be pursuing at CI to improve consumer representation in the information society. He looks forward to assisting CI's membership to bring the consumer voice to international forums of policy making for the digital age.

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